Grateful. Yes, grateful is how I felt when my attorneys Maria Bourn and David Sarnoff won my sexual harassment case after battling it out for two weeks in court.
They got involved in my case two months prior to trial and they were on top of everything from day one. I was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge of my case already, support and trust they made me feel. Right away, I knew I was in good hands.
I would definitely recommend Maria Bourn and David Sarnoff to anyone in need of awesome representation. When Maria gave her closing argument, I felt her passion, her energy, as if I was speaking for myself. She was amazing!!”

Jhoanna Alberto, clientTestimonial Badge

Amazing! We WON my case! Bourn and Sarnoff are outstanding! I have never had to deal with any type of lawsuit before and was completely lost as to how to approach and take care of everything I needed to for my case. They walked me through the entire process and did all the work! Not only are they good at what they do but they were so kind, friendly and caring. It was so pleasant to work with them. My schedule is very demanding and they were so patient with me in getting all the materials that were needed. By representing me they also showed their support for the military and I will forever be grateful! Thank You! SrA Flitcroft, USAF –

Heather F., clientTestimonial Badge

David, Raven, Maria, and Sol are simply the best at their job, period !!! Always extremely professional and answered every question when needed. They are AWESOME. Never had a doubt about what was going on with my case and treated me like I was family. It was a very difficult situation for me and they provided everything that I needed to make sure this case was done right and in a positive way. Cannot thank them enough for changing my families life and for their hard work and dedication to their job. The best of the best. Highly recommend Sarnoff Law for your needs.

Carolyn J., clientTestimonial Badge

I had the pleasure of working with David recently. I found him to be one of the most experienced, professional, and capable attorneys I have come across in years.He understands employment law like no other attorney does. He took the time to completely go over my issues and went through several scenarios with me. He has an uncanny ability to look at a situation from several different angles, which was very helpful in determining which solution was the best for me. He is a solid professional and knows his subject! I recommend him to anyone with an employment issue of any kind. –

Randy R., clientTestimonial Badge

Raven, David, and Maria: A very fond thank you for an incredible representation of a wrongful termination settlement you all won for me! You were all wonderful, and you kept my “eye on the ball”. Thanks for making the rest of my life a lot more peaceful. Enjoy and keep up the great work! I’m lucky you’re all on my side.

G.E., client

My case was a rough one. It had many dimensions. Before I met Raven Sarnoff, other law firms told me my case was too challenging. Raven took my case and believed in me and never let me down. David Sarnoff has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor, too. The Sarnoffs and their team are not your typical law firm. Not only do they get the job done, and done well, but they are so down to earth that when justice came, though I gained my life back, I felt I had lost my friends Raven and David! I am grateful for them.

S.Z., client

They were very helpful in my case. They explained everything, and made sure i understood what was going on. They answered all of my questions and kept me involved. They responded to my calls and emails quickly and were there for me when i needed any clarification, or insight into the processes that go on. I am grateful that they took my case and even more grateful at how understanding they are that the issue i was dealing with was a very sensitive subject for me. I had help from all of them throughout the whole process and it made me feel like my case and i mattered and that it was not just a case, but something that disrupted my life greatly. I could not imagine how this case would have been for me if someone else took it instead of them. I definitely recommend their services to anyone and everyone. I cannot express enough how much they have helped me, and made me feel like my situation was important.

Sarah E., clientTestimonial Badge

Maria Bourn of Sarnoff + Sarnoff helped me negotiate a severance deal with my (now former) employer when I was worried that they might not have my best interests at heart. From the moment I first got on the phone with her to the conclusion of the deal, Maria listened to me carefully, responded to my questions and concerns, and skillfully interceded on my behalf with my employer’s representatives (including their General Counsel). Due to her efforts, I obtained a very generous severance package which I know I would not have otherwise received. Thank you, Maria!

Michelle R. clientTestimonial Badge

David recently helped me with a contract review following a corporate acquisition. He was highly responsive, informed, helpful, and immediately clarified areas for negotiation and provisions that were unenforceable in the state of California. Aside from his professionalism, David is highly personable and a pleasure to do business with. I will definitely take my future employment legal needs to Sarnoff + Sarnoff.

Samuel W., clientTestimonial Badge

Raven, David, Maria, and Evette are very professional and listen very well. I was beyond pleased with the results that happened from the advice they gave me.Their combined experience and welcoming personalities are awesome to see in this line of business. Also, It was obvious to see that ALL of them are good people (morally & ethically) and always do the right thing. Hard to find lawyers like these.

Austin M., clientTestimonial Badge

Unfortunately, there are employers in this world that set negative precedents, leaving some of us guarded and wounded from being taken for granted. Please think of this law firm as the local Hero Police Officer that with the understanding there are bad guys, your Hero will have your back and step up to protect you. However, even more rare is to find a Hero that has the compassion and empathy to really understand your situation. With their sincerity and support, healing is possible and inevitable.
Sarnoff and Sarnoff and their amazing staff are Super Heroes with the powers of respect, integrity and human kindness. Thank You.

Liz L., clientTestimonial Badge

I would definitely recommend this law firm. David, Raven, Maria, and Sol are so down to earth, warm, and caring. They know law and it doesn’t take long to feel their passion for it. They guided me through the process with patience and skill. They educated me and put my mind at ease, making me feel like family. I am very happy they represented me.

Laura E., clientTestimonial Badge

David is simply outstanding !!! Extremely professional and always keeping us updated with our case. Answered all of our questions and concerns in a timely manner. Never once had a doubt about what was going on or what needed to be done. Thank you for taking care of my family and changing our lives.

David, clientTestimonial Badge

Raven and David are extremely knowledgeable and skilled with employee law. We called several lawyers until we found Raven and David and were really pleased with their response to us. They listened and supported us when we needed help and they navigated and troubleshooted several of our issues. We really appreciate the time and availability they had for us and they got us through a tough time of our lives. We highly recommended giving them a call.

B c., clientTestimonial Badge

Maria Bourne helped me in my discrimination lawsuit and settled my case in less than 20 days from my previous employer. She did everything in her power to win this case and she did so by that employer settling. Thank you, Ms. Bourne!

Anonymous clientTestimonial Badge

I contacted Maria when I was wrongfully terminated after taking FMLA leave for my husbands illness. Maria was such a sweetheart, she was the only attorney I contacted that actually took the time to answer my questions and was extremely helpful. I wouldn’t hesistate to contact her again.

Anonymous clientTestimonial Badge

Thank God for Sarnoff & Sarnoff’s amazing staff, and especially Maria Bourn.

Maria heard about my unemployment appeal from her assistant only two days before my hearing, and was immediately moved to offer me her counsel. She guided me on what steps I should take to ensure my success, and made herself available via phone for any questions I might have had up until the final moments before my hearing time. She educated me on how to do my background research and explained what points to emphasize, as they were what made my case legit.

If it wasn’t for Maria voluntarily assisting me with this case, I would not have felt even half as confident as I did when I approached the judge.

I was mostly impressed with the fact that Maria made time for my last minute need for assistance, even though her schedule seemed completely packed.

I highly recommend Sarnoff & Sarnoff to anyone in need of an employee rights lawyer.

Nahal G., clientTestimonial Badge

Found David Sarnoff via his positive Yelp reviews. He reviewed an agreement for me and advised me on how to counteroffer the other party. He was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and very quick in communicating (via phone or email). I’d highly recommend him.

Stew L., clientTestimonial Badge

Happy and satisfying with all their great work thanks for all the great work everyone.

Marcelino M., clientTestimonial Badge

Raven is an excellent lawyer and I highly recommend that you contact her with your legal questions or needs. She has the drive, experience and dedication to get your legal matter resolved in a cost effective fashion. She also has the skill and expertise to protect your rights in court and get a judge or jury to make the right decision in your favor. Call Raven if you need legal help. You’ll be glad you did!

Mitch Jackson/ Jackson & Wilson, Attorney colleagueTestimonial Badge

Raven Sarnoff is a fantastic attorney who really knows her way around employment law. She treats clients with respect and compassion, and I would never hesitate to refer clients to her, David, or anyone at Sarnoff & Sarnoff.

Cassie Ayeni, Attorney colleagueTestimonial Badge

Sarnoff & Sarnoff is an outstanding group of employment law attorneys who represent their clients with class, respect and zeal. I can not recommend Maria, David and Raven highly enough. I have worked with them on a variety of issues and have witnessed the outstanding results they obtain for their clients. The are extremely knowledgeable on California employment laws, are skilled in negotiating settlements and can be litigation juggernauts when necessary. I would not hesitate to recommend my clients, friends or family to Sarnoff & Sarnoff if they were in need of counsel to represent them against a current or former employer.

Attorney colleagueTestimonial Badge

What a wonderful team of lawyers at Sarnoff + Sarnoff including David, Raven and Maria Bourn. They are excellent advocates on multiple levels as well as really nice people who really care about their clients. Their clients are lucky to have their cases selected and be so well represented.

Attorney colleagueTestimonial Badge

Raven is a skilled litigator and strong advocate for her clients. I highly recommend her.

Stephen Jaffe, Attorney colleagueTestimonial Badge

From the first moment I met her, I was impressed. She’s fierce and I can see her as being cutthroat if she needs to be. She’s very thorough, and does not emerge from an issue until she’s fully vetted it. Many lawyers do not want to know the whole gambit, she does and its a breath of fresh air.

Traci Hinden, Attorney colleagueTestimonial Badge

Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. These results were dependent on the facts of those cases, and the results will differ if based on different facts.

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